We have ability to identify managerial and process focused on financial performance of the companies. Our identifications certainly base on the datas.  In our identifications what was happened in the past and what should be done in the future are clearly expressed, also we have ability and experience to establish the most proper information systems, ISO-9000, human resources, ERP, organisation chart and cost system based on the identifications.

Commercial success of investment project and business development depends on the quality and objectivity of market research and market analyses as well as will be project or business successful and how much its products or services meet the basic consumer’s preferences of the market Turkey.

Market research and market analyses help to identify possible areas of investment projects and business development in a particular market segment.

For making strategic decisions, long and short-term planning, to determine company’s behavior on the existing market as well as when entering new markets and to achieve the highest success, the most complete and objective information about the market in general and consumer perception of your product and its brand is required. In solving these questions the specialists of euroMerger Turkey will help you.

An independent corporate financial advisory Turkish company/intermediary institution euroMerger Turkey helps to plan and implement successful strategic marketing, market research in Turkey, provides a full range of information and analytical studiesin the following areas:

Market Analyses - includes all aspects of the business environment, market structure, economic indicators and trends, existing demand, business activity, competitors' policy, peculiarities of target Customers, research of infrastructure and technological development, government regulations, etc.

Product research, goods or service - free niches testing, concept development of new product or service, brand name development and testing, positioning research, etc.

Competition research - analysis of the activity of existing and potential competitors, their strong and weak aspects, possible mergers or acquisitions (M&A) with competitors

Investment attractiveness analysis – industry analysis, the development dynamics, the degree of difficulty to enter the industry, as well as methods of entering the industry, the holding of shares, mergers, acquisitions, etc.)